Brother Louis Receives Well-Deserved Recognition

Our local newspaper, The Kansas City Star, featured a profile of Christian Br. Louis Rodemann, who has lived at Holy Family Catholic Worker House for some 28 years.

We did our on profile of this remarkable individual, in the Ministry section of our June 11 edition. See: Br. Louis has sought 'to live the message I was trying to teach'

As his 28 years of service in the Kansas City community come to a close, Christian Br. Louis Rodemann will be leaving the Holy Family Catholic Worker House to take care of his 90 year old mother. Perpetuating a spirit of altruism within the Kansas City community, Rodemann has opened the Catholic Worker House's doors to countless homeless over the years, no questions asked. He welcomes all. Rodemann, who has offered those in the mid-town section of Kansas City everything from a hot meal and mass to simple camaraderie, was honored by the Kansas City mayor on June 7 with an official city proclamation. Brother Louis' leaving is a great loss to Kansas City, but his passion for service with the Catholic Worker House is being placed in many new and eager hands with three new volunteers already moving into the house. Brother Louis has built a refuge for the homeless that can doubtlessly continue with the persistent involvement of the Kansas City community.

You can also listen in on a conversation between Rodemann and NCR editor Thomas C. Fox about the Catholic Worker movement and life at Holy Family House, The Catholic Worker: 'You go to where there is need' -- Part 1 as a podcast.

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