Immorality of climate-change denial

One of my greatest fears - one I invite you to share it with me - is that earth climate change is self-reinforcing, meaning, for example, that rising temperatures will cause arctic tundra to defrost, releasing even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise even more. This is not far-fetched theory, but the belief of a wide spectrum of world scientists. Should we enter this vortex of doom, civilization, as we know it on our planet, could essentially end.

This is why arresting human induced climate change, in my mind, trumps virtually any other challenge we face.

Yet, at the same time the House barely passed a watered-down climate change bill last week. Remarkably 212 representatives voted "no" mostly because they voted for their own narrow interests instead of considering the well being of the only life supporting planet we've got.

Paul Krugman, in this morning's New York Times, makes a strong case for the immorality of climate change denial. I recommend you read it if you have not already done so.

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