Morning Briefing

Cardinal Walter Kasper explains the pope and the fact that Francis' ideas do, indeed, rest in a long Catholic tradition. David Gibson reports on "the pope's theologian" and his latest book.

New Boston College national study: Hispanic Catholics change the face of the church from white and middle class to immigrant and working class.

As rural flight drains small towns and farm regions of the country, the Sisters of St. Joseph double down on their commitment to Concordia, Kan.

A newly leaked provision of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial trade agreement under negotiation, has caused new opposition from religious groups.

From National Review: Jeb Bush reflects on his conversion to Catholicism 20 years ago and the change in "tone and emphasis" in the Francis papacy.

How deeply should a church be involved in political debate? A discussion among Anglicans.

Is "Wolf Hall," BBC drama now showing in US, anti-Catholic? Distorted depiction of Cromwell and more?

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