Morning Briefing

Pope Francis to religious orders: don't allow low numbers to cloud thinking when it comes to new candidates. He warns against accepting "unbalanced" people. 

"As the first pope in 100 years to have never studied or worked in Rome," writes Robert Mickens in A Roman Observer, "Francis is conspicuously a Vatican 'outsider.' " And the Barque of Peter finds itself increasingly in shark-infested waters.

Sen. Marco Rubio is in, but was Jeb Bush's preemptive strike enough to keep him boxed out?  Rubio on religion: He's tested several options and returned most recently to the Catholic fold.

First St. Louis 'mass mob' brings back memories for neighborhood.

Is New York archdiocese 'dissing the deaf?' David Tereshchuk thinks closing of St. Elizabeth's Parish is another PR disaster.

Pope's use of "G" word brings new reprisals. Turkish minister insults Argentina.

Four Blackwater security guards were sentenced, one to life in prison, for a 2007 incident in Iraq that left 14 civilians dead and 17 wounded. The shootings in Baghdad's Nisoor Square raised an international furor over the use of private forces in a war zone.

Can Hillary grab both the money and the inequality cause? In the New Yorker: Hillary Clinton and the Democrats' Inequality Agenda

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