Morning Briefing

From Robert Mickens: Can Francis accomplish his own wish for a "sound 'decentralization' " of the Curia?

Cardinal Kasper tells conference that Pope Francis wants a magisterium that listens to the faithful.

Irish priest speaks out, disagrees with Vatican official's assessment of vote on same-sex marriage as "defeat for humanity."

An editorial: The issue of poverty pokes through the political noise.

NCR columnist Bill Tammeus on rethinking the Apostle Paul, who was always a Jew and that, in the first century, "there was no 'Christianity' for him to convert to."

The Catholic church and science: Galileo aside, you might be surprised at how congenial the relationship has been.

Duquesne University increases minimum wage to $16 an hour.

Sisters join call to end detention of undocumented minors and their families. 

Gallup poll says Americans becoming more liberal across a range of issues.



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