New poll on gun views

A poll released today conducted by Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion New Service found:

"Fifty-two percent of the public favor passing stricter gun control laws, while 44% are opposed. There are dramatic differences by religious and political affiliation, gender, race, and gun ownership."

Further: "Six-in-ten Catholics and religiously unaffiliated Americans (62% and 60%) favor stricter gun control laws, compared to fewer than half of white evangelical Protestants (35%) and white mainline Protestants (42%)."

Americans overwhelmingly view owning and carrying guns as a constitutional right was as important as other constitutional rights. "More than two-thirds (68%) of Americans agree that the constitutional right to own and carry a gun is as important as other constitutional rights, while 3-in-10 (30%) disagree."

Most oppose allowing people to carry concealed guns in certain places: "Roughly three-quarters of Americans say people should not be allowed to carry concealed guns in a church or place of worship (76%), in a government building (73%) or on a college campus (77%)." But the survey shows certain religious and political divides.

Read more findings and details here.

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