Martin Gugino is a Catholic peace activist, not an 'Antifa provocateur,' friends say

Is Martin Gugino an Antifa provocateur? Or a beloved Catholic peace activist who was the victim of police brutality in Buffalo, New York?

Rev. Barber's Poor People's Campaign calls for resistance to reopening plans

The Poor People's Campaign, a grassroots group with branches in more than 40 states, is urging resistance to or noncooperation with state plans calling for the reopening of the economy just weeks after the coronavirus put most of the country on lockdown. 

Poll: The 'Trump bump' is over, especially among white Christians

A new poll released April 30 from PRRI shows Trump's approval has fallen on average by 6 percentage points and is now more in keeping with 2019 levels among most demographic groups.

As coronavirus death rates multiply, these monks are giving away caskets

In response to the coronavirus, 22 Trappist monks living in New Melleray Abbey in eastern Iowa, about 13 miles from Dubuque, decided to offer pine caskets to financially strapped families with members who have died from Covid-19.