Survey: White evangelicals oppose abortion; all other religious groups support it

 A number of polls in recent days have shown that a majority of Americans think abortion should be legal; a new Pew Research survey is no exception.

Passover meals have accommodated vegan entrees. Is cell-based meat next?

In recent years, many Jews have passed over the brisket, chicken, chopped liver and even the gefilte fish. How will they take to cell-cultured meat?

New book examines the religious lives of people without homes

Book interview: Susan Dunlap holds a weekly prayer service at a shelter for people without homes. Her book Shelter Theology describes their spiritual lives. Dunlap speaks about her ministry and her book in this interview.

Was Mary Magdalene really from Magdala? Two scholars examine the evidence

In a paper published in December, Elizabeth Schrader and Joan Taylor argue that Magdalene, instead of referring to Mary's town of origin, may be an honorific from the Hebrew and Aramaic roots for "tower" or "magnified."