Judge denies nuclear protestors' religious freedom defense

A federal judge has denied a request by a group of Catholic peace activists to dismiss charges against them for breaking into a nuclear submarine base in Kings Bay, Georgia, last year to protest nuclear weapons.

Some Pittsburgh Jews upset by decision to seek death penalty in synagogue attack

Two of the three congregations that met inside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh said they were saddened and disappointed with the news that federal prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against a man accused of killing 11 Jews at their place of worship last year.

A Jewish movement against ICE takes off by deploying its most famous mantra

It started with a call on Facebook to demonstrate against the country’s increasingly hostile immigration policies.

Explainer: Trump and the politics of the Messiah

Does President Trump have a Messiah complex? No, according to some of his most loyal evangelical Christian supporters — but one could see how he might get the idea that he is here to save the world.