Evangelicals embrace Trump's peace plan, saying it recognizes the Bible 'as legal'

To many evangelicals and ardent Christian Zionists, God promised the land of Israel to the Jews and to the Jews alone.

As impeachment looms, evangelicals defend Trump but pass on debating the issues

In the run-up to President Bill Clinton's impeachment 21 years ago, Christians across the political spectrum engaged in heated debate over the ethics of the president's sexual misconduct with an intern and the official charge of lying about it under oath.

American Jews split over Trump executive order on combating anti-Semitism

President Donald Trump's new executive order directing the government to consider race and national origin when investigating anti-Semitism has been met with mixed reviews from American Jews, mostly along liberal and conservative lines.

Republicans introduce bill to protect LGBTQ rights and religious freedom

With the backing of a consortium of Christian colleges and universities, a Utah congressman introduced a bill Dec. 6 that would ban discrimination against LGBTQ people while also protecting religious institutions that uphold traditional beliefs about marriage and sexuality.