Two Plowshares activists released early from prison

Two of the seven Catholic peace activists who broke into a nuclear submarine base three years ago left prison this week as part of an early release agreement.

'Religion entered into me': A talk with Jane Goodall, 2021 Templeton Prize winner

Sixty years after she stepped into the jungle to observe chimpanzees in their natural habitat, Jane Goodall, the world-renowned primatologist and conservationist, has won the 2021 Templeton Prize.

Martin Gugino sues city of Buffalo, mayor and police after fracturing skull

A Catholic social justice activist who police knocked down during a protest over racism last year has sued the city of Buffalo, its mayor, the police commissioner and several police officers.

117th Congress, like the old, is overwhelmingly Christian, heavily Protestant

A total of 294 out of 535 House and Senate members are Protestant — nearly the same as the last Congress, while religiously unaffiliated Americans are vastly underrepresented.