Will Pope Francis hurt the GOP?

The Republican party could have a Pope Francis problem, writes Charles C. Camosy, assistant professor of Christian ethics at Fordham University in today’s Washington Post.

"Consider the new pope’s views about strong state and international government energetically standing for the poor and vulnerable, ecological protection, and nonviolence 'that are to the left of Nancy Pelosi,'  he would likely be considered too liberal for a prime time speaking slot at the 2016 DNC convention. The pope is radically suspicious of the libertarian approach to 'autonomy' and 'choice'—especially when it ends up hurting the vulnerable and opening the way for violence.”

Camosy goes on to write that if the Democratic Party was smart it would embrace Francis’ connection between social justice for the poor and equal protection of the laws for our prenatal children, concluding it could "finish the GOP for a generation."

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