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Exhibit encourages viewers, religious and secular, to 'Meet Mary'


One of the best places to learn about the tools and techniques that medieval artists employed to create illuminated manuscripts is their depictions of saints writing and illustrating sacred texts. In art, when St. Luke represents the Virgin, he typically clutches a paintbrush or quill in his hand, and he often stands or sits at a lectern. Sometimes, he holds a knife, which was used for scraping out errors, sharpening pens, or a variety of other tasks. That's why Orsola Maddalena Caccia's circa 1625 painting "St. Luke the Evangelist in the Studio" is so unusual.

PBS series can inspire us all to journey on our own pilgrimages


Blessed the man who finds refuge in you, in their hearts are pilgrim roads. -- Psalm 84:6

This is the sentiment that underlies an ongoing series on PBS called "Sacred Journeys," hosted by New York Times columnist and best-selling author Bruce Feiler. "As long as humans have walked," explains Feiler, "they've walked to get closer to their gods."



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