Jeannine M. Pitas is an assistant professor of English and Spanish at the University of Dubuque, Iowa. She also contributes to the Catholic blog Vox Nova.

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Future womanpriest 'Father Anne' blames God for leading her towards ordination

Anne Tropeano has chosen to be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest, thus breaking the Catholic Church's ban on the ordination of women and crossing the threshold of formal excommunication. "God is asking me to do this," she says.


Catholic Worker 'family reunion' a time for joy, liturgy, discussion

The Sugar Creek Catholic Worker reunion draws members from the dozens of Catholic Worker communities in the Midwest. The event allows Workers to talk about their service and activism, inspired by Catholic Worker founders Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

Latino parishes across US work to overcome coronavirus vaccine hesitancy

As the delta variant continues to spread and COVID-19 infections rise in the U.S., there are still barriers between vaccines and the people who need them. Many Latino communities face particular challenges.

High-profile Catholic family grapples with religious, political divisions

While many U.S. Catholic families have struggled with ideological and political division in our increasingly polarized democracy, few have received as much attention as the Gosars.