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Catholic Worker Mary K. Meyer, a Tom Fox interview -- Part 1

Mary K. Meyer

Episode 1: 'God is in this some how, some way' (14 min.)
After more than 30 years of work with refugees and homeless men, Mary K. Meyer tells Tom Fox, "I could never do it unless I believe that God loved that person and that God was in this some how, some way. If I didn't believe that I couldn't do this." Meyer talks about how growing up in a Depression-era small Kansas town prepared her for the radical life of a Catholic Worker.

Catholic Worker Mary K. Meyer, a Tom Fox interview
Editor's Note: Mary K. Meyer passed away the morning of Feb. 5, 2007. Meyer was the director and mother spirit of the Shalom Catholic Worker House in Kansas City, Kan., for 18 years. A Dorothy Day look alike, Meyer was one of the pillars of the Catholic Worker network and an important member of the Catholic community of Kansas City. The Shalom Catholic Worker house continues to provide hospitality and food to countless needy people. In late 2006, Meyer talked with Tom Fox about her spiritual journey, summing up deep insights crafted through decades of selfless service to others.



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