Elizabeth Johnson and The Quest for the Living God -- Part 1

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Sr. Elizabeth Johnson

Episode one: Rules for the quest (17 min.)
Tom Fox asks, What are the ground rules for the journey of this quest to recognize the living God? Johnson names three: 1) God is an ineffable, incomprehensible mystery and we can never wrap our minds around the fullness of who God. 2) Therefore, every word we use to speak about God is metaphorical, symbolic or analogical. It always means that and more. 3) Therefore, we need many words, many names, many images, many adjectives for God. Each adds to the richness and texture and the greatness of what we mean when we say "God."

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Elizabeth Johnson and The Quest for the Living God -- 1 of 2
Elizabeth Johnson and The Quest for the Living God -- 2 of 2

A God worthy of belief
Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, distinguished professor of theology at Fordham University, talks with Tom fox about her new book, Quest for the Living God Mapping the Frontiers in the Theology of God. Of this book, Roberto S. Goizueta, Associate Professor of Theology, Boston College, wrote, "Karl Rahner had an abiding concern that much of Christian theology presented God ‘unworthy of belief.' Here Johnson has given us a God truly worthy of our belief, fidelity, and love. Every word breathes with the author's own deep love of God, the church, and the world."

A transcript of this interview is available here: A God worthy of belief

A sister in the congregation of St. Joseph who hails from Brooklyn, Elizabeth Johnson has been president of both the Catholic Theological Society of America and the American Theological Society.

She has served as a member of the national Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue, a consultant to the Catholic Bishops' Committee on Women in Church and Society, a theologian on the Vatican-sponsored dialogue between science and religion, and on the Vatican-sponsored study of Christ and the world's religions.

She is also the author of the much acclaimed She Who Is, as well as Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints, Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology, The Church Women Want, and Friends of God and Prophets. Today, Elizabeth Johnson is a distinguished professor of theology at Fordham University.

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