NCR Podcast: A Nation Under Trump

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Immigration advocates rally in New York City Nov. 22, 2016. (CNS/EPA/Justin Lane)

In this episode, host Brittany Wilmes is joined by some NCR reporters who are looking at key political issues a year after the presidential election. Global Sisters Report staff writer Dawn Araujo-Hawkins talks about women becoming politically involved after the women’s march. NCR staff writer Brian Roewe and Bertelsen interns Maria Benevento and James Dearie talk about their reporting on the environment, immigration and foreign policy.

Show Notes

  • Look back at the Women's March through our live blog coverage.
  • Sr. Colleen Gibson wrote earlier this year about why she marched and why we can't stop marching.
  • NCR Bertelsen intern Maria Benevento takes a look at Trump's campaign promises becoming immigration policy reality.
  • Stay tuned for updates on foreign policy and the environment in our election anniversary series: A Nation Under Trump.

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