Pope's quotes: God saves us

A quote from Pope Francis:

"God saves us, then by making Himself little, near and real. First God makes Himself little. The Lord, Who is 'meek and humble of heart,' especially loves the little ones, to whom the kingdom of God is revealed; they are great in His eyes and He looks to them. He especially loves them because they are opposed to the 'pride of life' that belongs to the world. The little ones speak His own language, that of the humble love that brings freedom. So He calls the simple and receptive to be His spokespersons; He entrusts to them the revelation of His name and the secrets of His heart. Our minds turn to so many sons and daughters of your own people, like the martyrs made the defenseless power of the Gospel shine forth, like those ordinary yet remarkable people who bore witness to the Lord's love amid great trials, and those meek and powerful heralds of mercy who were St. John Paul II and St. Faustina. Through these 'channels' of His love, the Lord has granted priceless gifts to the whole Church and to all mankind."

-- Mass in the Jasna Gora Shrine on the 1,050th anniversary of the baptism of Poland, Krakow, Poland, July 28, 2016

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