Pope's quotes: Difficult things

A quote from Pope Francis:

"And faith makes us witness many difficult things in life; also with life we bear witness to faith. But let us not be deceived: cruel martyrdom is not the only way of bearing witness to Jesus Christ. It is the most, let's say, heroic way. … But there is also everyday martyrdom: the martyrdom of honesty, the martyrdom of patience, in the education of our children; the martyrdom of fidelity to love … the martyrdom of honesty in this world that we may describe as a paradise of bribes … where there is a lack of courage to reject dirty money, in a world where many parents give their children bread to eat that is dirtied by bribes, that bread they buy with the bribes they earn. … And here there is Christian martyrdom, the martyrdom of saying 'No, I don't want that.' "

-- Visit with the community of Villa Nazareth, June 20, 2016

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