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After Jimmy Buffet's death on Sept. 1, Nicole Perone wrote an essay for NCR saying that his music challenges us to set aside productivity in exchange for rest and renewal, and to see the beauty in the ordinary. She says his storytelling crafted a universe in which a slower pace becomes like a retreat. Following are NCR reader responses to this essay with letters that have been edited for length and clarity. 

Thank you, Nicole Perone, for your Jimmy Buffett article. I've created a playlist. Buffett songs come into my orbit from time to time; you make at least a small selection coherent. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Letters to the Editor


I enjoyed "The oft-missed Catholicism of Jimmy Buffett's music." I always lament when I learn these things in an obituary! I never followed him in person but will give a listen. I say this with charity realizing that "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" is a catchy refrain to a charming tune but humanity's love of cheeseburgers contributes greatly to the suffering of animals and the environment. If we look forward to an occasional cheeseburger in the afterlife then Nicole and I believe in a different God. For it is there God's creation will finally find peace. 

Broadview Heights, Ohio


Enjoyed your article on Jimmy Buffett. I grew up in Austin. I did not know Jimmy Buffett. I heard he wrote part of Margaritaville while on the last street of the Northwest Hills area of town, overlooking Loop 360. I also heard that he started writing the song after eating at Lung's Cocina Del Sur restaurant in Austin. I loved that Mexican restaurant owned by the children of the Chinese/American restaurant Lung's Chinese Kitchen. Lung's was the only, and best, Chinese restaurant in Austin. "Keep Austin Weird," their children opened a great Mexican restaurant. Both are sadly no longer with us. Growing up in Austin was very special, but we did not know how unique we were. Sadly, it is becoming more Houston and Dallas than Austin, but you can still find places and people from the past Austin if you try. It's getting harder to do, though. Thank you for the great article.

Austin, Texas

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