Colleen Dunne is a Bertelsen intern in editorial and marketing.  She is originally from western Montana and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (1994) in communications and public relations from Carroll College in Helena, Montana and a Master of Divinity (2003) from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

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Faith in Flint: Catholic ministries band together to create hope

The Faith in Flint initiative began in 2015, responding to a need to bring the poverty-stricken city together, empower people of faith, and rebuild Catholic infrastructure.

Religious make efforts to bring awareness to World Cup trafficking

As the FIFA World Cup tournament draws closer, so does a heightened concern among human rights workers, men and women religious and churches about the potential for human trafficking.  

Letters from South Sudan

With fears that the situation in South Sudan is disappearing from the front pages of newspapers, the United Nations released a press statement yesterday appearing on U.N. News Centre about the desperate need for relief in the most remote areas of the country still affected by violence. As the rainy season approaches in central Africa, the situation for refugees living in camps becomes more precarious. Br. Bill Firman with Solidarity with South Sudan gives an update.

Letters from South Sudan

Aljazeera published a story this week, “Frontline Nuns,” profiling religious aid workers from Solidarity with South Sudan who are serving in areas of war while facing realities of their own safety. Br. Bill Firman, Solidarity’s executive director, also wrote to NCR this week with a letter titled, “Troubled Times.”