Melissa Musick Nussbaum is a teacher, author and speaker. She is a regular columnist for Celebration. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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A child's prayer and John the Baptist

Daily Easter Reflections: I was keeping 3-year-old Leo for the night. He wanted a snack before bed and I wanted him in bed, so I put some Cheerios in a plastic bowl and tucked them in together, a boy and his snack.


How to hold a canopy

Daily Easter Reflections: We hosted our rookie wedding in 2000. First daughter, first wedding. The reception was held just blocks away from St. Mary's on a hot summer night in the foothills of the Rockies. I don't remember who thought of it, but at the end of the liturgy, the presider invited us all to process together to the party, following the bride and groom.


The undiscovered country

Daily Easter Reflections: This is what my mother tells me. She knows it's time for her to die, but she "doesn't know how to do it."


Undertaking baptism

Daily Easter Reflections: We make the journey in the church, with the church, those living and those who have gone before us in faith keeping stride and holding us up when we falter, picking us up when we fall. It is the church who asks, "What name do you give this child?"


Being a stand-in for God