California's End of Life Option law: More peaceful deaths or moral quicksand?

California implements June 9 a law, passed in 2015, making physician-assisted dying accessible to the terminally ill.

Biden and Boehner, teary and grateful, receive high Catholic honor

Vice President Joseph Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner received the University of Notre Dame's Laetare Medal at the commencement ceremony on May 15.

Priest says he gambled $380K raised for Iraqi refugees

Fr. Amer Saka, a priest working at the St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church in London, allegedly told his bishop, Emanuel Shaleta, he gambled away funds intended to help new Canadians.

Catholic TV pioneer Mother Angelica dead at 92

Mother Angelica, the conservative nun who founded the Eternal Word Television Network, died on Easter Sunday, March 27.