Church goes 'wild' as believers and seekers head for the trees

Offering Communion outside, says Stephen Blackmer, an Episcopal priest, "helps us remember that the physical and spiritual worlds are completely bound up together. It becomes easy to see how everything grows, lives, dies and is returned into the earth where it takes on a new form. Its spark of life is transformed."

Americans see more jingle, less Jesus in Christmas celebrations

If there ever was a "war on Christmas" in America, Santa may have won.

Religion scholars turn activist in the shadow of Trump

As nearly 10,000 scholars of religion and the Bible shuttled among 300 sessions at a conference here last weekend, Donald Trump dominated the agenda.

California's End of Life Option law: More peaceful deaths or moral quicksand?

California implements June 9 a law, passed in 2015, making physician-assisted dying accessible to the terminally ill.