Clare Coffey lives in the Philadelphia area. She teaches kindergarten at a small Catholic school.

She writes for NCR's Young Voices blog. Sign up for our weekly email so you don't miss any new content.

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From Christmas to Candlemas, let the light last

Young Voices: As bleak midwinter sets in, let's hunker down with our lights and candles, our rum cake and evergreens, from Christmas Eve all the way through February.


Let the dead have November

Young Voices: Americans are not especially comfortable with death. But let the departed have this somber, chilly month. Say a prayer for them and visit their resting places.


October may be full of darkness, but it holds a Christian message

Young Voices: In the early days of fall, most tributes to the season are so merrily cozy as to border on the saccharine, but every once in a while, we remember that however snug our lives, they are short.


Addictions flourish when people are left to manage pain

Young Voices: Dignified participation in and labor for a stable community should be the shared basis of social life, rather than the aspirational perks of a high-powered career. This lack has led to growing substance abuse.