Clare Coffey lives in the Philadelphia area. She teaches kindergarten at a small Catholic school.

She writes for NCR's Young Voices blog.

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Where do we turn when our deepest fears become national headlines?

Young Voices: It is very possible that anxiety distorts perception of the world. It is also possible that the world is simply that bad, and the anxious are simply attuned to the facts.


'I was in prison and you came to me'

Young Voices: Prisoners around the U.S. are on strike. They have a list of 10 demands, including abolition of the labor practices that amount to what some call modern-day slavery.


Dorothy Day offered herself as she was to God

Young Voices: The folk hero treatment of the co-founder of the Catholic Worker reduces her as surely as does the plaster statue approach, but her granddaughter's book about her uses the needle of family memory to puncture that narrative.


At Met Gala, high fashion meets high church: two parties with similar sins

Young Voices: Fashion and Catholicism blended well at the 2018 Met Gala. In the wake of both #MeToo and the neverending clerical abuse scandal, it's hard not to see certain similarities between the two parties.