David Gibson is the director of Fordham University's Center on Religion and Culture. He was formerly a national reporter for Religion News Service and an award-winning journalist, author and filmmaker.

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Obispos de EE.UU. socaban su trabajo pastoral al cerrar la agencia de noticias católicas

La decisión de cerrar las operaciones estadounidenses de Catholic News Service fortalece las mismas fuerzas ideológicas anti-Francisco que los obispos denuncian. Le da otro regalo a la tendencia anti-moderna y anti-conciliar en el catolicismo.


In closing Catholic News Service, US bishops undermine their pastoral work

The decision to close U.S. operations of Catholic News Service strengthens the very anti-Francis ideological forces that the bishops decry. It gives the anti-modern, anti-conciliar trend in Catholicism another gift.


Catholic bishops finally tackle the sex abuse cover-up. Now comes the hard part

Finally, 17 years to the month after a major clergy sex scandal forced them to crack down on priests who abuse children, the Catholic bishops of the United States have set up a system designed — at least in theory — to hold their own feet to the fire if they cover up abuse.

Cardinal Kasper is far from controversies for a change, and happily so

Cardinal Walter Kasper practically bounds down Borgo Pio as he heads to lunch at a favorite trattoria a few blocks from the Vatican, a broad smile on his face.