White House honors evangelicals 'for all the good work they do'

The White House hosted a dinner Aug. 27 for about 100 evangelical Christian leaders and senior-level officials, honoring evangelicals, as one participant explained, "for all the good work they do."

Denominations repent for Native American land grabs

In recent years, a number of mainline Protestant Christian denominations have passed resolutions repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery. Now they're considering how to act on those denunciations.

Critics say pope's comments are both 'bold' and 'too little, too late'

Pope Francis condemned the abuse as a crime and called the church to solidarity with its victims in a statement some following the Catholic Church's clergy sexual abuse crisis called "the boldest we have heard from the Vatican" and others, "too little, too late."

Why fewer Americans are attending religious services

Fewer adults are attending religious services in the United States, but not necessarily because they don't believe. Many cite practical or personal reasons for skipping weekly services, according to new Pew Research Center data.