Marie Rohde is a freelance writer in Milwaukee and a frequent NCR contributor.

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Critics want Matt Flynn out of governor's race for role in sex abuse litigation

Matt Flynn, a prominent Wisconsin Democrat running for governor, has come under attack by critics who say he participated in allowing abusive priests to continue in ministry and for aggressively pursuing legal fees against their victims who sued the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court hears arguments from Marquette, suspended professor

A controversial Marquette University professor, who has not been allowed to teach after he ignited a firestorm when he wrote on his personal blog about a teaching assistant's refusal to allow a classroom discussion of the ethics of same-sex marriage, asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to order the school to give him his job back and pay damages.

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear case on Marquette professor's suspension

The case involves a professor who blogged about a dispute between an undergraduate and a teaching assistant who refused to allow a classroom discussion of same-sex marriage that she considered homophobic.

HEART camps put teens to work

Preview: This summer, some 12,500 middle-class Catholic teenagers spent a week in poor U.S. neighborhoods, painting houses, cleaning yards and building wheelchair ramps.