Mike Jordan Laskey is the author of The Ministry of Peace and Justice (Liturgical Press) and lives with his family in New Jersey. 

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You can't keep politics out of sports: That's a good thing

New series 'The Gospel of Sports': Politics and sports, both in the public realm, are bound to mingle. While we're watching political arguments play out in the sports world, the influence could run the other direction. 


Should a Catholic watch the Super Bowl? A moral theologian weighs in

Young Voices: Living a few miles from the Philly Eagles' stadium, I feel the Super Bowl excitement, but also chatted with Charles Camosy, a football fan who has reconsidered his passion.


A busy Catholic's guide to Advent: 10 tips for observing the season

Young Voices: Advent is a criminally underrated liturgical season. Beyond the obvious "get to Mass on all the Advent Sundays and every Sunday" exhortation, here are 10 simple tips for your Advent observation, from one busy person to another.


American flags don't belong in church sanctuaries

Young Voices: A John Prine song got me thinking about the troubling American Christian tradition of draping Old Glory around Jesus Christ's shoulders in a marriage of nationalism and religion.