Mike Jordan Laskey is the senior communications manager for the Jesuit Conference in Washington, DC. He is the author of The Ministry of Peace and Justice (Liturgical Press) and lives with his family in New Jersey. 

He writes The Gospel of Sports column and contributes to NCR's Young Voices blog.

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Marching band full of life lessons in leadership, community

The Gospel of Sports: Playing trumpet in the Notre Dame marching band taught me five things about life in community. I don't think I've ever been part of any other group that had such a developed leadership system. It was a great model.


Why I'm staying Catholic

Young Voices: In times of scandal, the question: Why am I a Catholic? Why stick around? Two reasons go back to my Irish-Catholic grandmother who was born 100 years ago this week. 


Rediscovering the daily examen with my daughter

Our older daughter, who turned three this week, has a new favorite bedtime prayer tradition that my wife started with her. The kiddo calls it "Dear God," and she requests it by name most nights.


More than just good soccer players

The Gospel of Sports: What is it like for Mexican-Americans to root for the Mexican men's national soccer team during this era of pervasive anti-immigrant sentiment here in the United States?