Mike Jordan Laskey is senior communications manager for the Jesuit Conference in Washington, D.C. He is the author of The Ministry of Peace and Justice (Liturgical Press) and lives with his family in New Jersey. 

He writes The Gospel of Sports column and contributes to NCR's Young Voices blog.

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Remember Catholic teaching on labor in debate about paying college athletes

The Gospel of Sports: Paying college athletes is an issue that Catholics ought to consider with a Sports Illustrated in one hand and the last 120 years of papal writings on human labor in the other.


Ideology shapes our morals. Neighborliness is the antidote.

Young Voices: There's a strong temptation to try to shoehorn the church's moral and social justice teachings into our preferred political party platform instead of letting our faith dictate our political priorities.


Confessions of a reluctant parish shopper

Young Voices: I like the idea that Catholics don't belong to congregations but to parishes, but times are different now. Parishes are closing or merging, making ties weaker.


Pop song from my adolescence is 20

Young Voices: I like to think I have strong memories of listening to "Smooth" as a 13-year-old and that the song really is the quintessential tune from that era of my life.