Ra'fat Al-Dajani is a Palestinian-American writer and commentator.

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Gaza bleeds and the world shrugs

On March 30, Palestinians began six weeks of demonstrations on the Gaza-Israel border. The result was more violence, bloodshed and death. 


Support for Israel continues to see a widening, partisan divide

Pro-Israeli leaders and groups have picked up on the danger of support for Israel becoming one more point of sharp divide in the polarizing Trump era


Gaza explosion would reverberate regionally

Thirteen years after Israel withdrew its settlers and military from the Gaza Strip, this 140-square-mile narrow patch of land that is one 10th the size of the smallest U.S. state of Rhode Island, is on the verge of a total infrastructural and economic collapse. 


Disagree with message, don't discredit messenger

I will not get into a point by point rebuttal to Michael Sean Winters' response to my latest NCR column. Instead I would like to make myself very clear on three issues.