The gift of five No. 1 steel knitting needles

Soul Seeing: Knitting has taught me about peace, the kind of peace that is intangible, but more real than a 20-foot-high concrete wall in Palestine, covered in the graffiti of despair and rage.


Walking on water at the community pool

Soul Seeing: This precious commodity of community water has been set aside just for this purpose — for healing and rejuvenation, to be shared by everyone in this brief time in space.

How do you grandmother in this complicated world?

Soul Seeing: How do you grandmother in a world of social media, occasional yearly visits from kids, divorced couples, unchurched youth and diverse family life?


World Food Prize winners receiving award for efforts to biofortify foods

Eco Catholic: Biofortification is the word that links this year's four World Food Prize winners receiving the annual award Oct. 13 in Des Moines, Iowa.