Timothy Kelly chairs the history department at St. Vincent College where he teaches courses on environmental, religious, cultural and social history. He has written on the history of Catholics in the U.S., including a book on Vatican II in the Pittsburgh Diocese. He has recently written about the New Deal community of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, and is beginning to work on a similar Depression era Catholic community of coal mining families in western Pennsylvania.

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Book uplifts the soul of a Jewish neighborhood after unspeakable horror

Book Review: Squirrel Hill: The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting and the Soul of a Neighborhood provides an extraordinarily intimate and insightful book that balances Mark Oppenheimer's clear love for Squirrel Hill with a dispassionate reportorial perspective.

Book Review

Two books reflect on America in the time of the pandemic

Book Review: More than 18 months into the pandemic, many are wondering what we have learned from COVID-19, and how we will process the ongoing trauma. Two recent books offer useful chronicles to both relive the pandemic and see it through fresh eyes.

Book Review

Jenkins' book shows people of faith led great US progressive achievements

Review: Jack Jenkins' ultimate interest is the role that the religious left plays in electoral politics, especially at the national level. He finds much to be encouraged about on this front. He concludes that progressive faith communities will influence the political arena for a long time to come.

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Books on impeachment may both trouble and reassure President Trump

Given its rarity and proven inability to dislodge sitting presidents, it may be surprising to find several books on impeachment in recent years. Such is the nature of Donald Trump's presidency that many authors deemed it necessary to write these books.