E.J. Dionne on the Dems

by Michael Sean Winters

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In this morning's Washington Post, E. J. Dionne tells of some Democrats who are - finally - not running from the health care issue but embracing it. In the upcoming issue of the print edition of NCR, I will have an article about another Democrat, Tom Perriello, who is also defending his vote in favor of health care reform.

The White House gets a big, fat "F" for not making sure that every American knows the name of a child who was unable to get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition but who, now, because of the health care reform is able to get such coverage.

Remember Ryan White? He became the face of AIDS sufferers and the opposition to increased funding on AIDS research, and care for those struicken with the disease, evaporated.

As I never tire of pointing out, the polls indicate there could be a GOP tsunami, but they also indicate that the electorate has not made up its mind.

If the White House will get out the old bully pulpit, and Democratic candidates don't lose their nerve, they can limit the losses in November.

If the only thing voters know about the health care reform on election day is what the Republicans have chosen to say about it, the Democrats deserve to lose.

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