March Madness At Its Best

All season long, I have been saying that the really great thing about college basketball is that, on any given night, any of the top 50 teams in the country is capable of beating any other team. And so, how fitting that all of the four top seeds in the NCAA tournament are not going to the Final Four. VCU, Butler, Kentucky and UConn were not on many people's brackets for the Final Four.
At this stage of the game, winning is not about who you recruited, or the difficulty of your schedule. It is about who wants it more. Which team brings greater poise, the ability to see its opponent mount a run and not give up, the willingness to shoot an airball and come back on the next possession and swish through a 3-pointer.
Needless to say, I am cheering for UConn, but the entire sport has already won. There could not be imagined a more exciting tournament, a higher level of play, more courageous kids, or better coaching than what we are witnessing.

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