Score One for Reid

Politico's Jonathan Martin claims that last night's debate in Nevada "fizzled," and it certainly had fewer fireworks than one might have anticipated. Sen. Harry Reid did fall in to Washington-speak at times, and he unaccountably failed to note that the immigration reforms he supports are much like those proposed by former President George W. Bush.

Still, the dominant fact of the evening was that Sharron Angle's way of speaking was halting at best. There were long pauses between words in simple sentences. A friend said it was like listening to the crazy woman on the block, the one you try to avoid because listening to her makes you feel like you are going crazy too. It was literally painful to listen to her.

Democracy sometimes yeilds unfortunate results. Nixon won twice. But, I just can't bring myself to believe that the good people of Nevada will vote to catapult Angle into a position of power.

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