Yahoo Watch: American Family Association

I disagree with those who object to the placing of a house of worship near Ground Zero because that house of worship happens to be a mosque. That said, I do not have a hard time imagining that someone who lost a loved one on 9/11 might feel differently. That such an emotional reaction is understandable on the part of families who lost a member to the terrorist attack does not mean that the emotional reaction should govern the decision of the authorities in New York. Certainly, such an emotional reaction should not be encouraged by politicians who did not lose loved ones on 9/11.

But, most of all, the concern about a mosque there, at that place, should have no bearing on the building of mosques elsewhere, unless you are the kind of bigot who simply hates all Muslims. Enter, stage right, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association who, TPM reports, wants to ban all mosques. Anyone who combines such vile prejudice and such significant stupidity in equal measure should not be listened to for any reason on any subject. He should be fired. Maybe even sent to Guantanamo.

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