Yahoo Watch: American Life League

The American Life League has a new video out, touted on the website American Catholic, that offers one of the more bizarre interpretations of why the health care reform bill passed earlier this year. The culprit? The USCCB.

In their telling, the bishops were so desperate to get health care passed, the acquiesced in the “abortion-neutral” approach that everyone adopted going into the discussion, realizing that anything but this approach would prevent the passage of the reform bill.

Now, it is true that the USCCB advocated for decades for universal health insurance but it is nonsense to suggest that their willingness to deal with health care on the merits was what got the ball rolling. And, as we all know, in the end the USCCB opposed the final legislation because they thought it was not abortion neutral. Does any of this matter to the American Life League? Remember, this was the group that accused Cardinal Sean O’Malley of spitting on Christ because he presided at the funeral of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Why let a few things like facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Oliver Stone – call your office!

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