Yahoo Watch: The American Thinker

Bigotry is back in a big way. The definition of bigotry is “uninformed prejudice” and an article at The American Thinker by Selwyn Duke meets both criteria amply. Take these sentences: “Eighty-five percent of our legal immigrants now hail from the third world and Asia, from non-Western cultures. And many immigrants, such as Islamists, cling to and advance beliefs that are incompatible with -- and destructive to -- our culture. The problem with this is that it isn't geography that makes a nation, but people. Replace Americans with Mexicans or Muslims and you no longer have America -- you have Mexico North or Iran West. Thus, if you believe Western culture is an evil force and aim to destroy it, our current immigration scheme perfectly suits your agenda.” Excuse me, but since when is Mexico not a part of “Western culture”? Its Catholic and Hispanic ethos is undeniable, yes? This is nativism pure and simple.

But, then Mr. Duke gets to his real concern: Latino voting patterns. He writes: “And the proof is in the pudding. Approximately 80 percent of new legal immigrants, once naturalized, vote as our culture-rending leftists do (for leftist Democrats). For a specific example, consider that first-time Hispanic voters cast ballots for Bill Clinton by a ratio of 15 to 1.” So, the non-Western Latino migrants are really part of a liberal plot to destroy Western culture. Of course. It is all very clear. Funny, I always thought getting liberals to agree on anything was akin to herding cats, but all along, there has been this brilliant plan, probably starting with Cortes, to make sure Latinos vote for Democrats. Who knew?

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