Yahoo Watch: Catholic Key

Over at the Catholic Key Blog, editor Jack Smith is so ecstatic at the passage of Proposition C in yesterday’s primary election in Missouri, that he didn’t even have a chance to spell check his article: He writes “annectdotally” with an extra “n” and an extra “t.”

But, while he gives a bunch of reference point so show that the 667,680 people who voted for Prop C is really an overwhelming rejection of the health care reforms mandates, he fails to note one salient point. The population of Missouri is 5,987,580, so a little more than 10 percent of Missourians voted against the mandates. This result came in a special election in which those in favor of the health care bill saw little motivation to vote, knowing that the issue of the mandates will be resolved in the courts, not by primary voters in Missouri. That is some “annectdote.”

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