Yahoo Watch: David Limbaugh

Next time you see polling data that suggests a large swath of the GOP electorate does not believe Obama was born in the United States, and you ask yourself how anyone could believe such nonsense, think David Limbaugh. (Yup! It runs in the family.) Last time I checked, no Republican elected official had taken Chris Matthews up on his offer of free airtime and dinner if they would come on his show and say that David's brother Rush Limbaugh does not speak for the Republican Party. Matthews should extend the contest to include either brother. Here is what David Limbaugh said on a recent interview:
"I'll tell you the Framers, when they inserted that provision in the Constitution that you couldn't have an alien be President -- they did it because they didn't believe a foreigner would have the loyalties to our country. I will just say this and this is kind of irrespective of the rule of law in the legal question, I think Obama has the kind of visceral disloyalty and contempt for America that the Framers were trying to avoid.

I honestly don't know factually whether he was born in Hawaii, but I do know there's a lot of suspicious activity and he's done a lot to suppress his records. He's gone around and asked Harvard student classmates of his not to talk about him. We don't even know if he went to Columbia. Maybe we'll find out later, but this guy's mysterious and his background is so suspect and so negative after being raised by all these America-hating, racist, card-carry communists. ....And what was the question again?"
H/T - Right Wing Watch.

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