Yahoo Watch: has become the most essential must-read website for the nation’s political class. But, every once in awhile, an article gets over the transom that shows the danger of too much inside-baseball.

The other day they had an item that raises the question of whether California GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina’s position on abortion might cost her votes. Fiorina is pro-life in a state where even most Republicans, e.g. Gov. Arnold, are pro-choice. One Democratic operative offered that her position might be one of the things that “does in Carly Fiorina.” With the state facing record unemployment and a collapse in housing prices through most of its real estate markets, and there being precisely zero chance that Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned anytime soon, and there further being the fact that if Roe were overturned, the issue would get kicked back to the states and California adopted one of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation in 1967 (signed by then-Governor Ronald Reagan who, despite misgivings, sided with the Republican leadership of the California legislature to pass the liberal abortion law), well….I am thinking it was a slow news day over at Politico or the reporter got snookered by a rabidly pro-choice activist who fed such an implausible storyline.

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