Yahoo Watch: Weekly Standard

John McCormack at the Weekly Standard is unkind to President Obama on an almost daily basis. But his attack today is so lame that maybe the magazine should be known as the “Weakly Standard.” His gripe: President Obama “blames everyone but himself” for the Shirley Sherrod episode. McCormack asks plaintively, “And, where, exactly, does the buck stop again?”

Huh? The firing, like the hiring, of regional staffers in the Department of Agriculture is not the stuff of a daily Oval Office briefing. In Britain, where they still have some semblance of responsible government in which it is not enough to stand before cameras and say “I take full responsibility” but one actually is expected to resign when bad things happen on one’s watch, it is not the Prime Minister who resigns over an incident like this, but the member of the Cabinet who made the bad decision. There is an argument to be made that Secretary Vilsack should resign, but the President? Oh, I forgot. At the Weekly Standard, EVERYTHING is Obama’s fault.

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