Limbaugh's Threat, The Nation's Salvation

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program yesterday that if the Democratic health care reform bill passes, he will leave the country. (I do not listen to Mr. Limbaugh, but this assertion made the news.) Well, Democrats, if ever there was a two-for-one you should grab, this is it. Universal health care plus no more Rush is as close to heaven as I am ever gonna get!

Limbaugh’s assertion raises an interesting question. Where would he go? Most of the other industrialized nations of the West have universal health care that actually is run by the government, unlike the government regulated, private health care the Obama plan envisions. Does Rush really prefer a single payer system? Now, he tells us!

Perhaps, Limbaugh could find a country that embodies his libertarian ethic. One of the talking heads yesterday suggested Somalia, where there is very little in the way of government intrusion into anything and where it is reasonable to assume, Limbaugh would be the wealthiest person by long shot. I am told some of the pirates and war lords keep only the best doctors on their payroll and I am sure they would let Limbaugh buy in.

Of course, Democrats could hold Limbaugh to his promise and exile him. Then they, not he, would choose the country of destination. He did, after all defend such outrageous Bush administration policies as torture so I am sure he has no problem with rendition. I vote for Iran. With America’s number one gas bag on hand, who needs a nuclear weapon? He could give Ahmadinejad a run for his money in the “Who can say the most outrageously stupid, offensive comments in one minute” category. And, contending with Limbaugh would keep the regime of thugs that rules Teheran so distracted perhaps they would have less time to meddle in Iraq or pick bombing targets in Israel.

Pass health care, exile Limbaugh, send him to Iran. It’s a three-fer.

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