My take on the Casey Anthony verdict

by Rose Pacatte

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A jury today found Casey Anthony, 25, not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee, whose remains were found in woods near her Florida home.

For what it is worth, the prosecutor should not have laughed during Jose Baez' closing statements. Baez is a defense attorney and this was his first capital murder case. He tried his best and I think the jury identified with Baez -- the government (Goliath) mocking a person trying their best (David) has no fans -- even when it seems a mother killed her child -- the worst of crimes -- or was responsible for her death.

Besides, the prosecution didn't prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. Did she do it? Something is certainly off with Casey Anthony and her family; she will have to tell the truth some day. She has been given a second chance in a way many people never are -- think of all the innocent people sitting in prison and on death row even. If she is innocent - praise God. If she is guilty and escaped through the loop holes and the prosecutor's inanity, well, when her conscience awakes or when she meets God, she will have to take responsibility for whatever happened.

I pray she is grateful and will grow up; get an education, make a contribution to society.

I do not know the name of the prosecutor and his cohort; but I will remember Jose Baez' name.

Baez may not be the best lawyer but he tried every which way to save his client.

A child, Caylee Anthony, is dead and the prosecutor, the one seeking justice for her, mocked opposing counsel at the moment when it mattered most. That's when he lost any chance at winning the case.

All attorneys ought to watch and contemplate "A Man for All Seasons" and see what a real lawyer is like. Or "To Kill a Mockingbird." Have some dignity for heaven's sake. For the sake of justice for a child.

Good grief.

And the media? The cable TV crowd? The "entertainment news" corps? Crying out for blood for three years and getting ratings and amazing salaries. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The country, the world, riveted by this story? Not if you hadn't kept it out there like a circus side show.

Good grief.

I am praying for all mothers today; that when things are difficult you will have a friend or family member to help you. Children are God's greatest gift to our world. They are our reason to live.

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