Tired of the term 'fallen-away Catholic?'

This from a reader who says he is tired of hearing people refer to "fallen-away" Catholics. He offers some other terms. Some seem to make more sense than others:

Homeless Catholics
Nomad Catholics
Catholic Alumni
Exodus Catholics
Liberated Catholics
Adult Catholics
Non-Attending Catholics
Un-fearful Catholics
Alienated Catholics
Non-bureaucratic Catholics
Inclusive Catholics
Catholics in Love
Catholics in Exile
Recovering Catholics
Kinda Catholics
Liberal Catholics
Raised Catholics
USTA B Catholics
Wandering Catholics
Roamin’ Catholics
Disgruntled Catholics
Wayward Catholics
Activist Catholics
Gypsy Catholics
Agitator Catholics
Jesus Catholics
Non-bureaucratic Catholics
Un-hierarchied Catholics
Protesting Catholics
Re-Formed Catholics
Metanoiaed Catholics
Pray, Play, DisObey Catholics
Non-Babel Catholics
Catholics Living in the Real World
Post-medieval Catholics
Un-clericalized Catholics
Freed Catholics
New World Catholics
Rebel Catholics
Disenfranchised Catholics
Home-Liturgy Catholics
True-Tradition Catholics
Non-Lay Catholics
De-Catechized Catholics
Open-Table Catholics
De-institutionalized Catholics
De-programmed Catholics
De-culted Catholics
Ecumenical Catholics
catholic Catholics
Christian Catholics
Fundamental Catholics
(as opposed to Catholic fundamentalists)
Un-intimidated Catholics
Illuminated Catholics
Former Catholics
Universe Catholics
Refreshed Catholics
Progressive Catholics
Small-Faith-Group Catholics
Happy liberal Catholics
Discerning Catholics
Thinking Catholics
Emmaus Catholics
John XXIII Catholics
Global Catholics
Welcoming Catholics
Beatitude Catholics
Call-To-Action Catholics

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