On young seekers, faith and how they find it

Just came across this wonderful essay from The Jesuit Post of March 26 by Jesuit Fr. Michael C. McCarthy SJ, a reflection spurred by Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Rick Santorum's indictment of colleges as a place where lose their faith.

Here's a bit of it:

We should not be surprised that college is the context where such a turn often takes place. On that point I am fairly confident that Mr. Santorum is right. I’m just not sure it is helpful either to blame liberal professors or imply that the godless academy undermines religious values. Much less should we blame the students themselves!

In fact, I would argue that college is not only a place where young people lose faith. It’s also a place where they find it. Maybe the real problem is that this new found, college-influenced faith of the young looks a little different than what their parents were expecting. And that’s a familiar story for at least one reason: it’s mine.

Read the entire piece here.

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