Video: Reporting from Lockdown

Joshua J. McElwee and Heidi Schlumpf on coronavirus changes at NCR and in the church

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Like virtually all publishing companies, NCR has made the move to remote working over the three past weeks as the coronavirus pandemic has intensified in Kansas City, Missouri, and elsewhere around the country and world. Joshua J. McElwee, our Vatican correspondent, is perhaps the resident expert at this, having been mostly confined to his apartment in Rome for even longer.

On Thursday, April 2, McElwee joined national correspondent Heidi Schlumpf for a Facebook Live conversation on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their lives, their reporting and the Catholic Church. We had some connectivity issues on the first take, so what you see here is their second take in full. Note: There is a repeated section of video a few minutes in. This is a technical error.

We'll be experimenting more with Facebook Live over the coming weeks. We hope to bring you a range of conversations from NCR contributors and to provide spiritual and news context for this experience that has changed every aspect of daily life. 

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