Louisville Catholics declare their parish a 'Sanctuary for All'

The Field Hospital: Known as a sanctuary congregation in the 1980s, St. William Church committed in October "to support the leadership of immigrant-led groups who work diligently to establish justice for all."


On eve of Trump visit, 'American carnage' alive and well in Lexington

Commentary: President Trump's "American carnage" remarks at his inauguration referred to the prevalence of U.S. gun violence. The "carnage" continues in Lexington, Kentucky, where Trump will visit today.


The human face of the Blackjewel coal mine bankruptcy

The Field Hospital: For months, workers at a Kentucky coal mine have been struggling financially after their company took its employees paychecks to pay its own bills. A Catholic Church in Eastern Kentucky has been a source of support throughout the crisis.


Miners in Kentucky are still feeling the hurt

In early July, the mining company Blackjewel declared bankruptcy, and soon afterward, some 300 mining employees discovered they no longer had jobs — in the worst possible way: Their bank accounts were empty, because the company's paychecks were no good.