The challenge of divorce and remarriage needs a wise, pastoral church

by Peg Ekerdt

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She approached me after Mass last Sunday. This faithful young woman is at Mass each week. She is a member of the confirmation team and a leader of Club Vis, the parish young adult group. She started bringing the same date to Club Vis social events over a year ago, and gradually it became clear that he was The One. Then I heard they were engaged. Given her involvement in the parish, I was surprised that she had not yet called to set a date. In the wake of the good news, I had even sensed a certain hesitancy on her part. As she hugged me on this particular morning, I congratulated her and asked about their plans. Her first response was that they were settling on a venue for the reception. Then she looked at me and said, “The thing is Mike has been married before.”

I suddenly understood why she had not contacted me. My heart sank and I cannot print what I wanted to say in response. In the midst of what should have been one of the most joyful moments of her life, she was worried that she could not be married in the Catholic church.

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