Book Reviews

Jan 07, 2023

Book analyzes assumptions about the Magi that shape our experience of Christmas and Epiphany

Dec 30, 2022

100 years after 'The Waste Land,' T.S. Eliot is still worth our time

Dec 17, 2022

New devotional book centers the liberation of Black lives as a sacred matter

Dec 10, 2022

2 books reach same conclusion on organized religion in America

Dec 03, 2022

An Advent book for liberation, discovery and subversive hope

Nov 26, 2022

A Native Catholic asks: What do we mean by 'heathen'?

Nov 19, 2022

Scholars outline history of the Pharisees and roots of harmful anti-Jewish stereotypes

Nov 12, 2022

Book offers new look at the 'incredibly human' Dorothy Day

Nov 05, 2022

'Christ haunted' England shaped rich Catholic literary history

Oct 29, 2022

With martyrs, relics and hair-raising tales, Catholicism makes perfect Halloween fare

Oct 22, 2022

James Plunkett's fiction upholds inherent dignity of all human beings

Oct 15, 2022

New volume details the history of Catholic theological ethics

Oct 08, 2022

Two books illuminate St. Mary of Egypt, conversion and desire

Oct 01, 2022

'Sisters in the Wilderness' after 30 years: Resiliency and survival as the legacy of womanist theology

Sep 24, 2022

'LGBTQ Catholics' proves worthy guide for more inclusive parish ministry

Sep 24, 2022

75 years later, 'Prince of Darkness' continues to humanize priesthood

Sep 17, 2022

In 'Transform Now Plowshares,' the legacy of anti-nuclear Catholic activists informs our future

Sep 10, 2022

For a Black Jesuit in the US, racism is a crucible

Sep 03, 2022

Greg Boyle's new book offers modern parables of kinship

Aug 27, 2022

'The Afghanistan Papers' exposes deceit in the conduct of a long, futile war