Book Reviews

Jul 16, 2022

Jonathan Franzen's 'Crossroads' captures the authenticity of flawed, personal religion

Jul 09, 2022

Book outlines Herod the Great's 'suspicious, jealous, conniving, homicidal' legacy

Jul 02, 2022

Historian's new book highlights Pius XII's moral failures

Jun 25, 2022

'Outlove' tells how LGBTQ+ people do belong in the church

Jun 11, 2022

Gila Ashtor's 'Homo Psyche' a bold field intervention relevant for liberation theology

Jun 04, 2022

Brian Doyle's novel 'Cat's Foot' is a remarkable adventure in reading

May 28, 2022

'You Don't Belong Here' spotlights three women journalists in the Vietnam War

May 21, 2022

Novel explores Hispanic Catholic family's search for redemption

May 14, 2022

Book outlines how strong unions build strong democracies

May 07, 2022

The 1619 Project: Making space for long-ignored truths

Apr 30, 2022

Dan Berrigan used his gifts to increase peace

Apr 30, 2022

Book details long battle to get justice for Ireland's Magdalene survivors

Apr 29, 2022

'Healing Haunted Histories' outlines church's responsibility to address America's settler past

Apr 23, 2022

Sunday of Divine Mercy: Thomas' great faith

Apr 22, 2022

Book focuses on anomaly of two popes, as Benedict XVI turns 95

Apr 16, 2022

Book uplifts the soul of a Jewish neighborhood after unspeakable horror

Apr 09, 2022

'A Womanist Theology of Worship' reclaims communal and spiritual authority through African legacies

Mar 19, 2022

Poetry collection celebrates love for nuns, punctuation and 'everything feelable'

Jan 28, 2022

Ronald Rolheiser's 'Essential Spiritual Writing' presents Christian message in all its vibrancy

Jan 15, 2022

Book highlights vulnerability of refugees in meatpacking plants across American Midwest