Book Reviews

Nov 01, 2023

'The Love of Thousands' describes building bridges beyond the veil

Sep 29, 2023

'Regime Change' argues for a controversial postliberal future

Sep 16, 2023

Theologically rich picture books to nurture a child's faith (and maybe yours, too)

Sep 09, 2023

James McBride keeps us guessing in 'The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store'

Sep 05, 2023

Q&A with Fr. James Martin: Tombs, deaths and why his new book wasn't titled 'Come Out!'

Aug 26, 2023

'A Fever in the Heartland' links Klan history to MAGA movement

Aug 19, 2023

New book 'The 272' traces enslavement practices in the US Catholic church

Aug 12, 2023

'Just Church' is the definitive book on women and synodality

Aug 05, 2023

A book that peers 'inside the evangelical movement that failed a generation'

Jul 23, 2023

'No Guilty Bystander' celebrates Bishop Gumbleton's radical legacy

Jul 15, 2023

The novel that will change your mind about video game stereotypes

Jul 05, 2023

What makes education Catholic? This book is glad you asked

Jun 24, 2023

Filipino-American illustrator Mike Curato on his book 'Flamer' and growing up as a gay Catholic

Jun 17, 2023

In 'Doing Theology,' a chorus of theologians imagine a better future for the church

Jun 03, 2023

'Lincoln's God' holds magnifying glass to Civil War president's faith

May 27, 2023

'War by Other Means' highlights 4 pacifists who resisted World War II

May 27, 2023

'The Diary Keepers' provides a glimpse into Dutch life under Nazi occupation

May 20, 2023

Biography of Ted Kennedy captures a fair, unbiased legacy

May 19, 2023

'Playing God' traces the history of Catholic conservatism gone extreme

May 13, 2023

Roger Haight teaches us how to think theologically in a world that makes it difficult