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A key question about the climate crisis: how to talk about it

The passenger to my right asked what was bringing me to Nebraska. "A conference about climate change," I told him, an answer that prompted a series of observations on his part that suggested recognition that something big is happening but uncertainty about the extent of the problem. 


Andrew Sullivan wants the church to get real about gay priests

Perspective: Andrew Sullivan's visit to the Paulist Center in Boston had a bracing message aimed at jolting those of us in the pews into a deeper understanding of an important dimension of our faith.


Shifting the question from 'Stay or go?' to 'How?'

Perspective: After the recent run of interesting stories of those who have decided to leave the church or stay, I was surprised to discover how enlightening it could be to explore the how of remaining Catholic.


Why the bishops should welcome invitation to resign

Commentary: My wife and I signed the Daily Theology statement calling on all U.S. bishops to submit their resignations to Pope Francis, just as all of Chile's 34 bishops have done. Not to be dismissed as a provocative stunt, in the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, their challenge reads more like a respectful invitation.