Davida Coady, activist and doctor, 'embodied Jesus' love and outreach'

Appreciation: In ways big and small, Catholicism animated a half-century of service by a woman who could never fully embrace its particulars. Davida Coady died May 3 at age 80.

A weekend at Cape Cod shows glimpses of a future church

The Field Hospital: Gathering the way we did without a priest made me wonder about similar meals of remembrance in the early church. And what future gatherings might be like as the number of Catholic priests continues its insistent decline.

Can moderator Chris Wallace make sense of nonsense in third debate?

NCR Today: As moderator of Wednesday night's final presidential debate, Chris Wallace has a more extreme challenge -- and bigger stakes -- than the journalists who preceded him.

How Lester Holt's limitations as enforcer and fact-checker triggered his success as moderator

NCR Today: Though presidential debate moderator Lester Holt failed to distinguish himself as a fact-checker or a referee, he succeeded in letting the candidates reveal themselves.