Bill Mitchell became NCR publisher in August 2020 after serving for a year as our first climate editor. He took on the additional role of CEO/President in November 2020. Bill first wrote for NCR as a student at the University of Notre Dame in 1967 and served on the NCR board from 1998 to 2004. As a reporter for the Detroit Free Press and Knight Ridder, his assignments included city hall bureau chief, Washington correspondent and European correspondent. He was Detroit bureau chief for TIME, director of electronic publishing at the San Jose Mercury News, editor of Universal UClick and editor of Poynter Online. He has also taught journalism ethics at the University of Detroit and Northeastern University. He lives in Brookline, Ma. You can reach him at or 816-968-2259.

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The making of a novel: Trump, Francis and a church re-imagined

Commentary: Former Democratic Whip David Bonier found in Pope Francis the core of a story that would draw on two important dimensions of his own story: work on behalf of Central America while in Congress and distress at the church's failure to include women as full partners in leadership.

Jesuit Fr. Bill Barry and a friendship like no other

Appreciation: Friendship was the hallmark of Jesuit Fr. Bill Barry's scholarship and spirituality. One friend, Darrell Jones, was among the very few people invited to take part, in person, in Barry's funeral Mass.


Asking for a friend: Can a Catholic vote for Biden?

NCR Connections: As a friendly reminder — and for suggested sharing — we offer this roundup of recent helpful articles and columns that counter the narrative that to be Catholic means you must vote Republican and for Donald Trump.


A fix for your late-arriving NCR — and a welcome to a new staffer

NCR Connections: If you're a subscriber waiting on the newspaper to show up in your mailbox, we have a partial solution to the current postal service delays. With eNCR, you can read the paper almost immediately.