Alex Mikulich is an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist and activist.

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Working to live or living to work?

Decolonizing Faith and Society: We have not moved beyond colonial ways of thinking and being. Are most Americans today working to live or living to work?


Eucharistic intimacy calls us to transform a destructive food system

The "fruit of the earth" and "work of human hands" invites, nurtures and challenges us to be constantly transformed into God's intimate love for the whole of creation. But how sensitive are we to the whole of God's creation and the intimacy of planetary biodiversity? 


The dangerous memory of Jesus Christ calls us to enact reparations

Perspective: Renewed calls for reparations by the church and the people of God ought to be a sting of conscience that goes to the central act of worship of church: the Eucharist.


From Laborem Exercens to AOC: why I'm a Catholic Democratic Socialist

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's passionate advocacy evokes the vision and policies of the Democratic Socialists of America and the ways they align with Catholic social teaching.