Alex Mikulich is an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist and activist.

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The fierce urgency of Earth Day

Decolonizing Faith and Society: The neoliberal economy and market democracy by which we live is killing us and the planet. We North Americans need to begin with (un)learning how coloniality lives inside of us.


Dear white readers: Don't look away from the violence within you

Decolonizing Faith and Society: Dear white reader, before you retreat to the safety of self-perceived innocence, stop and dwell with the ways our African American brothers and sisters see us.


Are you open to praying to a black God?

Decolonizing Faith and Society: There are numerous ways Catholics who believe they are white can take time and space to dwell in and learn from black Americans and Black History Month in February.


American idolatry places faith in 'chosen one' Trump

Decolonizing Faith and Society: As collective fanaticism condones the president's unbridled brutality, the deeper malaise is the way too many seem to put more faith in redemptive violence than in the Gospel.