Alex Mikulich is an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist and activist. He is author of Unlearning White Supremacy: A Spirituality for Racial Liberation, forthcoming from Orbis Books in spring 2022.

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Laudato Si' calls us to radical abundance through economic 'degrowth'

Commentary: We tend not to see how economic growth delivers diminishing returns. Degrowth provides another way, one in harmony with diverse ecologies that serve the full flourishing of our human and nonhuman kin.


Reimagine faithful citizenship, restore the common good

Decolonizing Faith and Society: The U.S. bishops' "Faithful Citizenship" never discusses assaults on the U.S. Constitution or how the president consistently undermines Catholic moral principles.


Welcome love opens the caverns of our being

Decolonizing Faith and Society: Death and deadliness seem to be all around us with no way out. Consider the idea of receptive generosity, which draws us into intimate, infinite sensitivity for all creation.


White sacrifices are necessary to change the rules of the game

Decolonizing Faith and Society: We who believe we are white need to make far more difficult collective sacrifices to create the conditions of the possibility of living racial equality as a way of life.