Alex Mikulich is an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist and activist.

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American idolatry places faith in 'chosen one' Trump

Decolonizing Faith and Society: As collective fanaticism condones the president's unbridled brutality, the deeper malaise is the way too many seem to put more faith in redemptive violence than in the Gospel.


Preparing the way for the Black Christ

Decolonizing Faith and Society: Until people of faith who believe that they are white contend with and dwell in the reality of blackness in America, we will not be prepared to become a prophetic counter-witness to the deceitful powers that seek to destroy the birth of God's love in the world today. 


In our societal dark night, contemplation roots authentic revolution

Decolonizing Faith and Society: While we rightly sense the urgency for revolutionary action, the desire for change is not without pitfalls. But Sophia Wisdom draws us into a wholly different way of proceeding.


Indigenous scholars invite decolonization of the Anthropocene

Decolonizing Faith and Society: Will we white settlers turn toward a new way of being? Will we co-sense our interconnectedness and obligations with and for diverse human kin and other-than-human kin?