Alex Mikulich is an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist and activist.

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Balm of loving kindness: antidote in a time of fear

Commentary: I find myself enraged by the violence of the president and his party. But our fury, however justified, may only consume us if not grounded in loving kindness both within us and our institutions.


Church must open a process of truthful remembering

Commentary: If the church seeks authentic repentance and repair, it must address the historical roots of the present crisis and open itself to a long-term process of truthful remembering that is oriented to the wisdom of the survivors of clerical sexual abuse.


United States created the conditions for Latin American migrations

Commentary: The question is not whether Latin American peoples will become the demographic majority in the U.S. The forces of white supremacy and nationalism that vaulted President Donald Trump to the White House cannot stop this ongoing demographic shift.


Water unites us, so make it available to all

Commentary: Perhaps there is no more apt symbol for our time than water. Many march and cry out to God for justice and the need to be cleansed of the moral and political scandals that wreak havoc upon the most vulnerable in our society. 

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Exorcizing our racial ghosts