Alex Mikulich is an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist and activist.

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Nurturing the cosmic perspective of learned ignorance

Respect for science, I suggest, will thrive in the future if it is rooted in the soil of the contemplative life. Nicholas of Cusa invites a practice of contemplation that looks even deeper into each being around us, at the whole of the cosmos, and God.


Time to betray the god of white supremacy

We have never fully confronted white complicity as a church. Although there is no metric that demonstrates black and brown people achieving equality in any significant way, white people are enraged by any perceived slippage in their own superiority.


St. Ignatius, guide us to speak up for others

To care for the most vulnerable among us is not political correctness — it is human and Christian.


We need King’s revolution of love

We live in a time of many profound disconnects. Outdated political and economic systems and modes of thought and action no longer serve the common good. 

Book Review

Exorcizing our racial ghosts