Book Review

Joan Chittister's book calls up prophets, the truth-tellers

Book review: Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister is one of the most influential voices in American Catholicism. Her latest book, "The Time Is Now," is an oratorical and inspirational book meant to call all those who claim to be Christian.

Book Review

Contemplation reveals our grounding in God

Augustinian Fr. Martin Laird's message is summarized in the book's subtitle: The practice of contemplation with all of its challenges can lead to transformation and liberation.

Book Review

Quaker teacher looks at the end of life

Book review: In his 10th book, Quaker teacher and spiritual mentor Parker Palmer, 79, offers readers a backward view of his life and what he has learned. The book is Palmer's meditation on the meaning of his life, past, present and future.


Dolores Leckey bridged the laity-hierarchy gap

For more than 35 years, Dolores Leckey lectured and wrote on lay spirituality, mining the treasures of the Catholic tradition and revitalizing them for the contemporary world. She crafted her work to be accessible and drew on her own sources of encouragement — Scripture, literature, poetry, theology and personal experience. 

Book Review

Faith in the streets