David E. DeCosse is director of religious and Catholic ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.

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Love in a time of insurrection: St. Augustine on the unity of the American people

Commentary: For Augustine, we face the constant temptation to seize things for ourselves — freedom, democracy, even God — instead of understanding such goods as belonging also to others.


Catholics, voting and abortion: Time to correct the record

Commentary: Catholic teaching provides ways for voters to evaluate candidates on the basis of abortion — and of other serious issues like the pandemic or racism. No Catholic is bound to vote on the basis of abortion alone.


Pope Francis, Newman and the canonization of conscience

Commentary: John Henry Newman recast the notion of conscience as a general orientation by emphasizing more the connection of conscience to freedom, responsibility and belief in God.


Mueller's statement and the injustice that won't go away

Commentary: The judgment of Robert Mueller's report was legal, not ethical. Russian interference in the election violated the right to self-determination of the American people. The Trump campaign's embrace of that interference made it complicit.